Powerful and athletic. Striking and distinctive like a typical Hanse model, the Hanse 455 breaks all boundaries. The strong rig brings true performance on the water. The boat is also characterized by extraordinary equipment and quality materials behind the grand appearance typical of Hanse.
This model has everything you would expect from a perfect cruising yacht. Her lines are the creation of Judel/Vrolijk & co, the best and most experienced yacht designers in the world. This guarantees that she is fast, easy and safe to sail in any weather condition.
With the largest cockpit in its class, the HANSE 455 gives owners enough space to sail in comfort and spend relaxing hours in port. Using Hanseís signature self-tacking jib and deck layout - with all lines led aft to the helm, the HANSE 455 is easy and safe to operate and designed for short-handed sailing. Below deck, the cabins are light and spacious with ample storage and plenty of ventilation.
For those who have already sailed a Hanse the HANSE 455 will show you the next step in Hanse's superior yacht design and performance. For those who havenít had the opportunity to sail a Hanse, getting aboard a HANSE 455 will be a refreshing look at what yachting can be - Easy Handling, Fast Sailing, Innovative, and Easy to Maintain. Come see why Hanse Yachts is the fastest growing importer of cruising sailboats in the North America.
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