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Milwaukee (414) 234-5787
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The new 8 Series embodies quality, performance and comfort like no other sailing yacht series. The new Hanse 458 is no exception and already holds in the exterior what it promises. Ergonomic plotter pods, a double anchor arm for a code zero and six windows in the aft cabins are just some of the details that make this yacht special. Below deck, fine woods and soft fabrics enrich the grace of this Hanse. An essential detail: This 45 ft yacht does not have a freestanding mast support. The main bulkhead is a composite construction with carbon reinforcement and provides a stiff and direct mast-keel connection. This makes the interior even larger with the loft-like design coming to its full advantage. The new Hanse can be built in the owner's version with a large master cabin in the bow or with four double cabins for more guests on board.
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